At&t Circumglobal Angel Flight

about the artwork
sending digitized angel on its circumblobal flight from At&T building in New York
mel alexenberg and miriam benjamin mounting 28 fax sheets of angel returning to NY from flight through Los Angeles, Tokyo, Jerusalem, Amsterdam
photo published in 3 million copies of AT&T annual report
(top) tokyo at 4 am when angel arrived (bottom) 28 sections of angel image reconstructed on lawn in Tokyo park
28 sections assembled as a ribbon ascending steps into shinto temple in japan
alexenberg in Rembrandthuis receiving digitized angel image. He is dressed as Menasseh ben Israel, Rabbi of Amsterdam, Rembrandt's friend and neighbor.
AT&T Annual Report 1989. Caption: Pratt Institute Professor faxed his computer art image of Rembrandt's angel around the world using At&T products and services.