Legacy Thrones

about the artwork
jewish throne. one of three legacy thrones created by mel alexenberg and miriam benjamin in collaboration with jewish, hispanic, and african-american elders and new world school of the arts students
artist miriam benjamin with jewish throne in miami
detail. jewish throne
(top) steel frame for jewish thone (bottom) detail
new world school of the arts student welding frame for jewish throne
ceramic hora dancer created by jewish elder who was a professional ballet dancer
artist miriam benjamin helps elder create ceramic dancer
african-american throne
top of african-american throne
old and young hands working together
african-american elders telling their life stories in clay
retired school principal tells story of working in cotton fields in her youth
retired journalist tells of her childhood through clay
hispanic throne
hispanic throne facing biscayne bay in miami
students working on hispanic throne
(top) hispanic throne detail (bottom) art students working on throne
ceramic mask glazed and fired
hispanic elder creating mask based upon cuban folklore